A Mind-Body-Heart Retreat with Horses

Unbridle your well-being with a seasonal Mind-Body-Heart Retreat. 

Well-being is the state of alignment between your mind, body, and heart. 

Horses naturally influence your well-being. 

Horses read the language of your body, they feel the energy behind your words, and they hear the whispers of your heart.

Retreat time with horses is a unique way to encourage the realignment of your mind, body, and heart.

Inner peace, creative flow, and connection are all restored when you retreat with horses. 

Join us for a healing retreat and unbridle your well-being with our herd!

What is Unbridled Well-Being?

Unbridled Well-Being is a FULL-DAY retreat with horses

During this day-long getaway you will participate in a variety of
group and individual exercises with our herd. 

With each exercise you will experience the power of Horse Time and learn how it can be used as a tool to enhance your everyday well-being. 

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Time spent with horses is ultra healing,
because you experience yourself connected and aligned– 
from the inside out.  



To retreat is the act of moving away from or withdrawing. 

The day is designed to assist you in moving away from everyday patterns of disembodiment and into a more connected way of being within yourself.

The horses guide the process. They teach us how to:

  • quiet the busyness of your mind
  • awaken the wisdom of your body
  • unbridle the intelligence of your heart 

Your well-being is rejuvenated through this re-alignment of body, mind, and heart. 


  • Full-day retreat
  • Healing Horse time
  • Nature Meditation
  • Opening/Closing Ceremony
  • Herd exercises
  • One-on-one horse coaching
  • Organic lunch
  • Seasonal activity/craft
  • Integration tools

Non-riding workshop. Horse experience not required. Limited to 4 participants. 

VALUE: $399.99
EARLY REG: $349.99

2021 seasonal workshop dates:
Spring: May 22nd
Summer: June 5th + July 10th
Fall: September 18th + October 16th
Winter: November 13th


More Details

Calming Retreat Time 

Full day of slow-down and immersion into the natural world, which equates to a much needed retreat from the busyness of your life. 

Healing Horse Time

Simply being in the presence of a horse, and their basketball-sized heart, invites us into our own healing heart energy. 

Guided Well-Being Meditations

Discover well-being by learning how to align mind-body-heart through Heart Coherence and body-focused guided meditation. 

One-On-One Horse Coaching

Each participant will have a personal coaching session with one of our master equine coaches. Get a nature-based perspective on a question or an area you feel stuck. 

Organic + Locally Sourced Lunch

Our explorations of health and well-being will not be limited to our time with the horses. Organically and locally sourced lunch will be provided. 

Custom Practice and/or Ritual

Receive action steps and guidance for a daily practice or sacred ritual that will help you embody your new clarity.

Who's it for? 

This day retreat is designed to serve those who are: 

  • Experiencing inner confusion, fog, and conflict
  • Longing for a break from an exhaustive pattern of doing too much
  • Seeking clarity in some domain in life  (personal/professional)
  • Ready to reconnect to their natural wisdom
  • Eager to awaken their intuition and heart intelligence

Laura J. 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Meghann and her beautiful horses this winter. They truly are amazing animals that helped provide me with insight for my coming year.

Something I am finding to be so true right now is the lesson of stillness and to "just be"... the horses told me to be okay with being myself, and that I didn't need to prove to anyone who I really am.

I am grateful to Meghann and the horses for allowing me to be on their land for an entire afternoon and am grateful for the lessons learned– I'll definitely be back for another session sometime and highly recommend this to absolutely ANYONE seeking personal or professional growth.