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Client Testimonials

"My experience literally changed my life. My mind was blown, and my heart at peace. I never would have believed what happened could happen, and I will never be able to go back to how I was before."

Rephoel W.
Chicago, IL
My time spent with Meghann was heart-opening and nothing what I expected. I grew in ways I didn’t know I needed. I felt the power of Spirit flowing through Meghann and the horses during our session.

- Rebekah, Bend, OR


"I feel anyone at any step of life (or crisis) would benefit from this work. For me, it helped calm my anxiety about a big decision and after the session, I was able to go home and take action."

JennyLee T.
Boise, Idaho


The herd of horse coaches, along with Meghann’s heart-based guidance and support, provided an extraordinary opportunity to dive deeper into our selves.

- Michelle, Redmond, OR


"Sunday’s session blew me away. I really was not expecting to take away much from the day; boy was I wrong! It sounds silly, but I’m listening more and feel lighter. I would recommend to anyone."

Sisters, Oregon


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