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Certified SkyHorse EGE Coach

Hi, my name is Meghann Harty. I am an equine guided coach. I help other mission-driven humans who are stuck and struggling, move into clarityconfidence and calm- so that they can get back to making a positive difference.

My real job is partnering horses with humans, so the humans can learn how to tame the busyness of their minds,  unbridled the wisdom of their hearts, and truly transform their lives. 

<<< HOW I GOT HERE >>>

I know first hand the struggle of longing for “something more” in life, having no clue what that means, but instinctively knowing it was imperative to my wellbeing to find out.

In 2012, I took a courageous leap and committed to being “on the path” to discover my purpose. It guided me from coast to coast (and back!), with a life-changing stop in New Mexico.

During a four-day vision quest I was introduced to the Way of the Delicate Lodge. Under the guidance of White Eagle Woman, I spent two and a half years studying these ancient teachings to become a certified Council Guide. 


On this journey I discovered transformative power of ceremony and connected with the natural wisdom that guides us everyday.

My time dreaming with the land in New Mexico, also unbridled my courage to expand on the coaching credential I had earned from The Coaches Institute.

In 2017 I pursued, and earned, my Equine Guided Coaching certification from SkyHorse EGE. After being immersed in the work of Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, I knew I had found my path of purpose & service. 

Dedicated to the mastery of this style of coaching, I continue to study with Ariana and earned my SkyHorseEGE Level 2 designation in 2019. 

In partnership with our herd of five, I weave all of my passions and studies with the healing vibes of the land at Grant Legacy Ranch to be of service to you. Read more about the ranch.

Tame Your Head, Unbridle Your Heart, Transform Your Life .

There is something so pure and raw of someone being completely dialed in to their purpose. It is mesmerizing and contagious!

Meghann purely embodies her passion and belief in this work. The faith she holds in herself, in her horses, and in the land matches the faith she has in her clients. 

- Carlin J., Austin, TX


Whispers from the Corral

Thanks for letting me share a bit about who I am and what I care about. Check out the Blog, WILD & WISE Whispers from the Corral, to get even more acquainted.

I am eager to learn more about YOU


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All images were captured and produced by the insanely talented, Emily Green.


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