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Equine coaching is a methodology of combining horse wisdom with personal and leadership development. 

There are many acronyms for this methodology (e.g. EFL, EAL, EGALA, HERD to name a few). 

EGE stands for “Equine Guided Education.” 

In EGE, people and horses connect in an environment that facilitates people moving through the phases of change.

EGE is a unique methodology developed by Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, pioneer and founder of SkyHorse Academy

An important and noteworthy distinction is the selection of the word guide to honor the role of the horse in the EGE process.

As a Level 2 certified SkyHorse EGE coach I adhere to this specific model of equine guided coaching. As a result our horses are never treated like a tool nor a prop, and they always have a voice.  

When horses guide the process, you learn to listen in a different way and as a result your inner guide is awakened. 

EGE is not equine therapy or counseling- it’s coaching.

Coaching is for people who want accountability, tools, and skills to put into practice, so that they can experience positive change more quickly. 

Equine guided coaching explores what is possible in the future while also acknowledging the past that has shaped you. 

With horses, the coaching is experienced in your body - it’s an embodied experience. When you experience EGE, you physically feel when the horse connects with you. You also feel in your body when the horse disconnects from you.

These interactions with the horses can help you to see how you relate to the world around you - to others, and to the greater environment.

You are learning to listen in a different way. When you listen with your whole body, you can more easily hear the wisdom of your heart. 

Through your body, you acquire the wisdom to get unstuck.

Horses guide you to connect to your inner wisdom - what you already know is real and true for you.

In short, the equine-guided coaching relationship is designed to empower you into action from what you discover within yourself.

We start from the premise: You are already naturally resourceful, creative and whole. Nothing is “wrong with you” or “needs fixing.”

Horses are the perfect coaching partners.

With human-to-human leadership/personal development models there’s a period of trust building.  Interpersonal hiccups are bound to happen when humans interact, we are only human after all. 

A horse has no agenda. The horse isn’t judging you. Therefore, trust is established immediately. 

Not only are horses a healing force for your heart, they are the perfect mirror for your inner landscape. 

Sometimes they’ll reflect back your limiting patterns or beliefs; sometimes they’ll guide you to your strengths and your wisdom.

When this feedback is trustworthy accelerated results can be experienced. 

No.  You’ll be standing on the ground during the EGE coaching exercise.

No.  The EGE coaching exercises focus entirely on being in relationship with the horse/s while your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Profound and impactful self-discovery can happen in one session with the horses. However, embodying a new way of being requires a level of mastery and experience that takes practice. 

Regardless, when horses guide the process, the limitations of human-human personal development models melt away. EGE may deliver results faster than traditional personal development methodologies. 

Of course, your results are unique to you.

Grant Legacy Ranch is located in the high desert of Central Oregon. We are blessed to be stewards of 5 sacred acres that has it's own unique healing powers.

Many clients have told us that the space is as healing as the horses, we couldn't agree more. 


While I am most passionate about coaching in person with the horses, remote/virtual coaching is an important tool in our tool box.

In fact we offer two services that are 100% virtual. Explore the Remote Round Pen and Unbridle Your Life under the Services page for more information.

Remote coaching allows us to reach beyond our local community and bring the healing power of horses to all corners of the world.

We also use remote coaching to enhance the integration of your in-person EGE coaching results. 

In the remote sessions, I’m with the horse in the paddock or round pen; you join us via Zoom.

"I had an amazing experience at Unbridled Courage. Under Meghann's gentle and caring guidance, I gained incredible insight into my habitual patterns and recognized my barriers to moving forward. The energy and spirit of the horse was so powerful! It put me in a state of awe and admiration for the gifts that were revealed to me in the corral. I highly recommend this unique coaching with Meghann and the Spirit of the Horse, it is a remarkable experience!"

Melissa J.
Bend, OR



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