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Whispers from the Corral

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2019

Her gaze met mine, 
and we walked in stride
to the place where our Hearts met.

We sank into our interconnected-ness.

Our spirits danced.
Our spirits soared,
and she taught me the gift of simply Being more.

Her tenderness embodied.
Her message clear.
Clear as the energy she sent from her Heart.

“I see your Belonging,
And I see you need Honoring
of both the sacred masculine and feminine within.”

You see... 

the Art of Being, 
is the Art of Listening,
and is as valuable (and more necessary) than the doing you do!

So sweet Human Child, 
it is time for your Tribe
to re-prioritize the Listening Way."

This RE-membering brings me back to the Earth, 
sweet and gritty dirty,
and my emotions fall back into place.

Clear-headed and now energetically light.
My intention rightly aligned,
and I experience this grounding as my tool.

And with one last connected breath,
she whispered with openness,

“I Believe in you,
Just Because You are.”

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