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Sacred Child of the Universe

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2016

Sacred child, In the East you stand…

Wings spread wide, hair tussled and wind swept, eyes ablaze with passion. You jump, run, dance and fly FREE with Spirit… laughing and strutting the whole way. Unabashed in your wildest expressions you dare to dream, play with magic and create. You are the limitless potential, you are the Creatress.


Sacred child, in the South you stand…..

eager to explore everything, beaming with awe and wonder, you treasure every caterpillar and stone on your path. Endlessly you ask, “What’s that?!” each time with equal exuberance and inquisitiveness. You are a walking, breathing example of the power of emotional flexibility and the embodiment of curiosity, you are the Explorer.


Sacred child, in the West you stand…

tending to your energy and nurturing your body. The lull of sleep comes with ease throughout the day as you listen to your body’s requests to rest and refuel. You seek balance in your being and your doing, never allowing one to out pace the other. In this quest to care for self you are your own medicine. You are the Healer.



Sacred child, in the North you stand…

heart bursting from your chest open to the whole wide world and every experience you have ever had and ever will have. Your intuition is your essence and your power is in your ability to know your choices.  Without doubt, you clearly see your response-able-ness and choose the the arrow that keeps your heart open. Unwavering in self-love, you are the Warriroress.


Sacred child, in the center you stand…

whole in your power and beauty. Surrounded and supported by the entire medicine wheel and your allies in each direction, you are cloaked in your strengths. You are in command of your world; dreaming connection, walking in courage, speaking your natural wisdom, and doing with integrity.

I Love you - I Trust you - I Believe in you - You ARE the Sacred Child of the Universe.

Sacred Child of the Universe,

I am that AND that I am.

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