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If a picture is worth a thousand words.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of an experience?

I contemplated this question as I sat in our arena sand during a half-day EGE coaching session. We had been hunkered down in the dirt for close to 30 minutes when I made a connection that had me chuckling under my breath.

--->>>Rewind 30 minutes <<<---

We had just completed an observation exercise and we were attempting to set up for the next one, yet it seemed as if the herd had other plans. We moved across the arena for the purpose of creating space between the humans and the horses; they ALL followed.

My commitment to my training, my clients, and my herd is to allow each coaching moment to be Guided by The Spirit of the Horse. This is a key principle of SkyHorse EGE (Equine Guided Education) as taught by Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, my teacher and mentor. As a facilitator, I take my cues from the horses and am willing to toss aside any notion of an agenda to follow the guidance that shows up in the moment. 

What happened next is a textbook example of an EGE moment that the horses designed because we were open to following their lead.

Not only did the horses tagalong as we made the trek, they surrounded us when we stopped; two mares holding space on either side of my client and our gelding a few feet away. Their presence was calm, steady and quiet. They held space for us people as we discussed the “importance of grounding” and the “best ways to ground.” The air around us quickly filled with words, words, words, and more words.

Before long, one mare quite abruptly lowered her body into the sand. She did not roll, or fidget or fuss, she simply laid down. Within a short moment, the second mare followed suit. Immediately, I felt my body being called by Grandmother Earth too and I paused the conversation to share with my client the extraordinary uniqueness of this moment. To be clear, two mares were curled up at his feet.

He seized the moment and joined them on the ground, and true to our human nature wanted to continue our conversation about grounding. Politely, I invited him to take in what was unfolding- in silence.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I was chuckling because I realized that we were talk-talk-talking about grounding and the horses simply, beautifully and quite powerfully SHOWED us grounding. As the words filtered out of the space and the silence seeped in, the poignancy of the moment settled over us. We had been invited into their sacred world of energy! Time slipped away and I embraced the lesson with all of my senses.

They showed us how to surrender our physical form to the Great Mother. They showed us how to harmonize our breath with the pulse of life. They showed us how to connect to the web we are inextricably a part of and as a result, they pulled us deeply into the magic of the present moment. In this state of openness, wisdom swirled around us, within us and through us. Click here to read more about this experience from the client perspective.

To say EGE is experiential is categorically an understatement! You cannot represent this work in words; it is a visceral experience.  How could any words about grounding ever measure up to being served a gigantic dose of actual grounding?

When you experience EGE, the teachings now live in your bones and are imprinted on your heart.  This is why EGE is one of the most effective models for personal, professional and spiritual transformation.

So, I ask, if this blog is valued at 625 words, and the proverbial picture is worth 1,000 words…

…how much will YOUR EGE experience be worth to you?

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