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How did you come to be?

Uncategorized May 01, 2018

How did you come to be? I asked the tree, with all of your twists and turns. 
Inch by inch, straight as can be, UP you grow! 
And curiously, halfway up your body, you make a dramatic S-curve. 
How did that come to be?

How did you come to be, I asked the tree, with all of your dips and splits. 
Sometimes there are two, divided with a Y,
and less often you branch into three.
How did that come to be? 

How did you come to be, I asked the tree, standing there stark and bare. 
Exposed to the bone, with your bark stripped clean, and from the looks of it definitely hollowing.
Are you alive, and do you still thrive as you bask in the sun?
How did that come to be? 

How did you come to be, I asked the tree, with your gnarled and charred bark. 
Proudly wearing your scars, caused by flames thrown from afar, unknown if ravaged from above or below. 
Yet…you shimmer beauty… in the dancing moonbeams… shades of blacks, silvers and grays. 
How did that come to be? 

How did you come to be, I asked the tree, with a quizzical contemplation. 
To my surprise, my reflections grew deep and wise as I extended the question beyond that forest trail. 
It became clear to me, that this instinctual empathy, was intended for every person and creature I meet. 

So (on that note)….

How did YOU come to be, 

I ask thee with compassion in my heart. 
I can see… that your emotional history… 
is a story filled with twists, turns and scars.

There are chapters that are quite bare while others are loaded with flare, all of them equally fascinating. With my heart open wide, I listen to the tides, and the ebbs and flows of your song, 

…and before long…this familiar tune… puts my spirit at ease...


...just like you, I have a story too, 

and neither is unlike the trees, 

that share their tales, outwardly AND with unapologetic beauty…in the saga of their twisted branches and trunks. 

Our commonality now so abundantly clear to me, and I will forever hold this simple question dear. 

My wish for you, is that you will live in gratitude for the beauty and wonders in your world 

….and with every spirit you meet, you will ask with authentic curiosity…. 

How did YOU come to be?

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