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My job is to create a unique opportunity for you to have a breakthrough.

Howdy! I’m Meghann Harty.

I’m an equine guided coach for humans who are on a mission to make a positive difference in the world

I help other mission-driven humans get clarity about what’s really keeping them stuck, both personally and professionally.

And I do this work in a sacred partnership with horses.

Healers, coaches, consultants, mom-preneurs, and creatives come to me frustrated and frazzled because they’ve lost their mojo, they need a break from their brain, or they're finally ready to align (or realign) to the calling in their hearts.

No matter where you are on the path, getting unstuck means more time doing that important thing you are called to do

In partnership with the herd, we will tame the busy-ness of your mind and unbridle the power of your heart, so you find the courage to take heart-centered action to move forward. 

How does my experience help you?

I bring creativity, exercises, practices, and tools from each of my certification programs to our coaching sessions. 

The Coaches Institute, SkyHorse Academy, DanceHammers, and my experience as an entrepreneur have shaped my unique style of coaching.

During my training as a Council Guide with Dancehammers, an Earth-based leadership program, I discovered the transformative power of ceremony. I connected with the natural wisdom that guides all of us everyday. 

As a result, I design each session to be a ceremony so that you can step out of your ordinary patterns and into the extraordinary way of nature, horses, and mind-body-heart alignment. 

In my training at the SkyHorse Academy with Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, I learned how to trust the horses to guide the process for my clients. I have since learned to trust my own inner guide and now I help others do the same. 

My real job is to guide you into ceremony with the horses, so that the horses can guide you back to the sacred wisdom of your heart. 

We are a good fit if you want the following results.

  • Clarity about who you really are and what you really care about. 
  • A deeper understanding of what’s holding you back. 
  • The courage to step out from underneath expectations and obligations, and live the truth of your authentic self. 
  • The ability to get off the merry-go-round of fog and confusion and take clear-headed-open-hearted action. 
  • To be back in your flow, feeling your mojo and sharing your light with others. 

Settling is not an option. 

Stuck and struggling does not have to be your new normal. 

While the horses don’t care about the specifics of your coaching topic/inquiry, I do care that my clients are willing to be curious and take an honest look at themselves and their patterns of thought and action. 

The horses create a safe and trustworthy space to look in the places we are afraid to look on our own. 

When you look with openness and curiosity, transformation happens.

Together with the horses, you can downshift out of your fears and into your heart, and experience clarity, confidence, and freedom.

Who's NOT a good fit?
- You are driven by making money more than helping others. 
- You don’t believe that Spirit is everywhere and in everything.
- You don’t believe in energy work and woo woo stuff. 
- You don’t believe that there are messages in nature and animals.
- You don’t like the smell of sage. 
- You don’t like animals 

There is something so pure and raw of someone being completely dialed in to their purpose. It is mesmerizing and contagious!

Meghann purely embodies her passion and belief in this work. The faith she holds in herself, in her horses, and in the land matches the faith she has in her clients. 

- Carlin J., Austin, TX



Certified Equine Guided Educator 2017
Certified EGE Level 2 2019

Certified Council Guide 2017

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach 2014

Leadership Certificate of Completion 2014




Photography Magic

All images were captured and produced by the insanely talented, Emily Green.


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